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Welcome to the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar' homepage.

The Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar has been designed to work with program code written in Object Pascal for the Delphi compiler sold by Inprise Corporation.

A number of resources are provided to explain and demonstrate the Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar.

Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar - description

Additonally a Downloadable demo program is available. This demo program enables you to test the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar' against sample code or even your own code!

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Released 16 Jul 2000. Version 2.0 created by Cogencee version 2.0. (Incorporates some enhancements since the release of early 1999.) Now even easier to use! Now with a smaller download!

There is no need to have Delphi to run the demo program. In fact there is no need for you to have Delphi on your system!

The demo program has with it - background notes and sample test code. The download is only 171 kb. We recommend you also look at the above two web pages.

The demo program utilises the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar' version 2.0. The demo program does not perform Include file processing and DOF/OPT file processing.

[Posted 19 Jul 2000]

Download 'GramTst.zip'

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