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Welcome to the TColDelphi homepage.

The Cocolsoft Computer Solutions component TColDelphi has been designed to ease the use and design of programs that require Delphi grammar functionality.

The component fires an event for a great many grammar NonTerminals. For example, LibraryFile, PackageFile and PackageName. The component can also fire an event for each token in the input source. The component also fires events for comments and compiler directives.This functionality is quite often required in source code documentation programs.

The component sits between your program, and the grammar automatically generated by Cogencee. The user of the component does not see the underlying units that Cogencee generated.

If the user of the component has Cogencee then it is possible, for example, to add events to the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar', regenerate, then add the events to ColDelphi.

The component is built with the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar' which Cogencee has generated with code using the compiler directive 'ColMakeComponent'. This directive results in special code that the component ColDelphi recognises.

The component has a total of 97 events, 18 properties and 12 methods.

The component is being used in production programs used throughout the world.

The product has been checked with MemProof and has been memory leak proofed.

Some uses of this component are :-

'JavaDoc' like documentation for Delphi code
code metrics
pretty printer
code formatting tool.

The following example shows the power of this component. Lets write a program that reads Delphi units and writes out an Interface unit. There are four simple steps with only a few lines of code. That's all there is to it!

  1. select input file
  2. name your output file
  3. In the event OnImplementation  -  Call method WriteOutputToNonTerminal. Call method WriteOutputText('IMPLEMENTATION   END.')
  4. event OnError.

The component has been obfuscated.

Release History

Version 1.00 Ob

    Released 29 Jan 2001. Obfuscated form of TColDelphi available as a separate product.

Version 1.00

    Release dated 18 Jul 2000. The first official release. Bundled with Cogencee. Two additional properties - 1) option to replace standard report headings; 2) version number. Uses units generated by Cogencee version 2.0.

Beta 2

    Release dated 1 Dec 1999.

Beta 1

    Original release dated 7 Sep 1999.

(This page updated 29 Jan 2001)

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